We undo the queue.

Pearl Street’s software solutions SUGAR™ and Interconnect™ empower transmission providers, project developers, and other stakeholders to overcome the interconnection bottleneck.

Pearl Street’s Software Solutions
by the Numbers

Trusted by transmission providers, consultants, and developers.

180+ GW
Processed 180+ GW of renewable energy projects
1000+ Projects
Modeled more than 1000+ generation and storage projects
Reduces engineering analysis time
by up to 200x

Trusted by transmission providers, consultants, and developers.

The Challenge

Interconnection queues are delaying the clean energy transition

Developers face significant time and cost uncertainty for project portfolios across the United States.


Transmission providers face increasing queue volumes.


M&A analysts require transparency into a portfolio’s or project’s interconnection probability.


We help all address the interconnection challenge.

Our software solutions help undo the queue and generate superior data for increased certainty throughout the interconnection lifecycle.

The solutions

By Pearl Street Technologies

Pearl Street’s mission is to develop best-in-class software solutions to mitigate the utility-scale interconnection backlog and expedite the transition to a decarbonized grid. SUGAR™ and Interconnect™ support our mission to "undo the queue" and address the interconnection problem from multiple angles:

For Transmission Providers
SUGAR™ helps transmission providers manage ever-increasing interconnection queue volumes by accelerating modeling and simulation studies.
For Project Developers and M&A Analysts
Interconnect™ provides project developers with a scenario analysis and risk assessment platform for projects at any point in the interconnection lifecycle. From prospecting POIs to running interconnection studies for actively queued projects, Interconnect™ provides high-quality data to improve the chances of deploying new projects. It also gives M&A analysts high-quality interconnection data to leverage in their financial models.

At the end of the day, when we talk about accelerating interconnection studies, helping developers navigate the interconnection process successfully, and providing high-quality data for M&A transactions, we mean one thing: more renewable energy coming online quickly and reliably.

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How is Interconnect™ different from competitors?

Interconnect™ empowers developers to run customized interconnection studies on demand, enabling rapid exploration of variables that impact project viability. Learn more by scheduling a demo.

Are Interconnect™ results accurate?

We are constantly double-checking our work. The best proxy to evaluate Interconnect™’s results are past, official outcomes run by transmission providers. Schedule a demo and we will provide benchmark results for review.

How does Interconnect™ differ from injection capacity software?

Interconnect™ computes on-demand injection capacity maps based on user-defined assumptions. Whereas other software provides uniform information to all users based on static assumptions, Interconnect™ enables users to run any number of scenarios to see how capacity values change given queue variability.

What is Interconnect™'s pricing model?

We offer pricing options for any project development budget. Please reach out to learn more.

Is Interconnect™ only for project developers?

No! Interconnect™ can provide value to anyone who needs to evaluate interconnection risk including M&A analysts, PPA brokers, offtakers, capital providers, and more. Reach out to us and we can help you develop a customized solution.

How does SUGAR™ help accelerate grid studies?

By leveraging powerful circuit simulation methods developed to study billion-transistor electronic systems, SUGAR™ offers industry-leading convergence robustness for steady-state analysis. This underlies its ability to expedite some of the more time-consuming aspects of planning studies, particularly in building high-quality grid models.

Does SUGAR™ utilize proprietary data formats?

No, SUGAR™ works with industry-standard data formats and files and plugs directly into existing transmission planning workflows.

What does the implementation process look like?

We will work directly with your team to understand the problems you are trying to solve, build custom solutions that comply with your organization’s study processes, and work closely with you to deploy SUGAR™ on the systems of your choice.