SUGAR™ for Transmission Providers

Quickly Undo
Your Interconnection Queue

The Challenge

You’re experiencing an unprecedented number of utility-scale interconnection applications that require extensive time and resources to study safely.

2.6+ Terawatts of
Queued Projects

More than 2.6 Terawatts (TW) of proposed projects were waiting in interconnection queues at the end of 2023 to power more than 145 million customers nationwide.

Pearl Street’s software solutions can help you expedite interconnection and other grid planning studies to address increasing queue volumes.

The solution

by Pearl Street

SUGAR™ helps transmission providers manage an increasing volume of interconnection applications by accelerating time-consuming study processes.

Follow the lead of SPP and MISO, both of which have deployed SUGAR™ to clear more than 10% of the nation’s interconnection backlog. You can learn more about SUGAR™ here.

SUGAR™ plugs directly into existing transmission and interconnection planning workflows with support for standard data formats and customizable study processes.

You Can:

  • Reduce engineering analysis time by up to 200x
  • Build power flow models in minutes
  • Diagnose and mitigate non-convergence
  • Automate model quality control checks
  • Create custom analysis flows leveraging a modern Python API

Why Trust Us





What sets SUGAR™ apart from existing transmission software?

SUGAR™ (Suite of Unified Grid Analyses with Renewables) draws inspiration from the design, simulation, and optimization tools of the computer chip industry. It leverages powerful circuit simulation methods developed to study billion-transistor electronic systems and offers industry-leading convergence robustness for power grid analysis.

Interested in other grid planning applications of SUGAR™?
Contact us to see how SUGAR™ can support a variety of use cases:

  • Extreme event analysis
  • Policy studies
  • Transmission expansion planning

learn how

SUGAR can help you efficiently plan for a reliable, renewable future.