Interconnect™ for Mergers and Acquisitions

Optimize M&A Decisions For
Renewable Development Pipelines

Interconnection is one of the biggest risks to pre-NTP projects and should be analyzed by both buy-side and sell-side analysts before any potential M&A transaction.

The Challenge

Buy Side vs. Sell-Side

  • Buy-side: Developers are listing their portfolios of projects for sale and you’re an interested buyer. You can accurately estimate the majority of inputs to your financial model, but you’re struggling to measure interconnection risk in terms of expense.

  • Sell-side: You’re looking to sell your project pipeline for the best possible price but instilling confidence in your project’s interconnection probability has become time-consuming and data-heavy.
Interconnect™ by Pearl Street


Interconnect™ can help you evaluate your target portfolio’s or project’s interconnection risk and confidently assign a dollar figure to estimated upgrade costs.

Example: If after 100 user-defined scenarios, you find that 99% of the time your proposed investment is allocated a $100 million upgrade cost, you can input this placeholder to your financial model and see how it affects the project's economics.


Interconnect™ can accelerate your due diligence and help justify pricing for your listed development portfolio.

Example: If after running 100 user-defined scenarios you find that 99% of the time your portfolio of projects is not cost allocated for any upgrades, you can use this information to help you price your assets for acquisition.

Interconnect™ gives buyers and sellers the ability to run “what-if” analyses from an interconnection standpoint. Given changes in the queue, you can analyze the variability in a project’s or portfolio's viability.

With Interconnect™
You Can:

  • Run user-defined what-if analyses
  • Valuate interconnection risk in terms of cost upgrades
  • Generate high-quality data for your financial model
  • And much more
In Hours

Interconnect™ can help you model interconnection risk for M&A transactions.