We run on SUGAR

Our core technology SUGAR™ (Suite of Unified Grid Analyses with Renewables) provides robust modeling and simulation capabilities for power grid analysis.


Power Grid Analysis

traditional power flow

SUGAR™ (Suite of Unified Grid Analyses with Renewables) draws inspiration from the design, simulation, and optimization tools of the computer chip industry.

By leveraging powerful circuit simulation methods developed to study billion-transistor electronic systems, SUGAR™ offers industry-leading convergence robustness for power grid analysis. It is the engine behind Interconnect™ and underlies the ability to expedite some of the more time-consuming aspects of running interconnection studies.

While Interconnect™ leverages SUGAR™ to accelerate interconnection studies, the technology has applications in many steady-state grid planning activities, including:

  • Transmission expansion planning
  • Extreme event analysis
  • Base case creation
  • And policy studies

With SUGAR, months of engineering effort are reduced to minutes and the bedrock of these studies gets built faster and in a repeatable, scalable way.


The foundational technology behind SUGAR™ was initially developed at Carnegie Mellon University and has been published extensively in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.

The publications below offer a deep dive into the formulation, models, and algorithms used in SUGAR™.

Case Studies & Publications
Robust Power Flow and Three-Phase Power Flow Analyses
Case Studies & Publications
Evaluating Feasibility within Power Flow
Case Studies & Publications
Equivalent Circuit Formulation for Solving AC Optimal Power Flow
Case Studies & Publications
Equivalent Circuit Programming for Power Flow Analysis and Optimization