Interconnect™ for Project Developers

Evaluating Interconnection Risk:
Scenario Analysis for Data-Driven Decisions

Interconnect™ is your one-stop solution for running customized interconnection studies with results in-house, in hours. At any point in the interconnection lifecycle, Interconnect™ can deliver you on-demand injection capacity maps, automated model building, thermal analysis, constraint identification, mitigation determination, and cost allocation across any number of user-defined scenarios.

The Challenge

Interconnection Backlogs Create Time and Cost Uncertainty for Your Portfolio

And there’s no shortage of questions you have to be prepared to answer to navigate toward an interconnection agreement:
  • What is the injection capacity at a given POI, and how does it vary given changes in the queue?

  • Where in the system is my project contributing to overloads and how many constraints are at this POI?

  • What will the interconnection cost be when the study is finally done?

  • What happens if a prior-queued project withdraws?
  • What happens if a nearby project reduces its size?
  • Should we reduce our project size to limit cost allocations?
  • Could our resources be better deployed elsewhere?
The solution

by Pearl Street

Interconnect™ provides you the ability to model and analyze critical scenarios to obtain a comprehensive sense of “interconnection risk.”

It helps you answer the questions above, enhance project siting efforts, be better prepared at decision points, and steer more projects toward successful interconnection.

Ultimately, Interconnect™ provides a scalable way to assess interconnection risk and optimize project decisions.

Key Features

has four categories of features:

  • On-demand, customized injection capacity maps based on user-defined assumptions across any number of scenarios
  • Capacity analysis, constraints, and cost allocations for thousands of POIs
  • Whereas other solutions charge tens of thousands of dollars per ISO, baseline capacity maps are free to Interconnect™ subscribers and are refreshed regularly
  • Reproduce portions of interconnection studies in hours
  • Simulate user-defined scenarios and assumptions
  • Review violations and corresponding cost allocations to all evaluated projects
  • Assess projects currently in the queue
Queue Viewer
  • Daily tracking of updates in public interconnection queues across all 7 US ISOs
  • Map display of project locations with custom filtering
Queue Compare
  • Evaluate changes in queues over time
  • Identify changes to project POIs, output, status, and more
see how

Interconnect™ seamlessly integrates with your existing team to quickly provide high-quality data for improved decision-making.

Schedule a demo with one of our experts to better understand how Interconnect™ can help you assess and manage risk throughout the interconnection lifecycle.